Monday, October 27, 2008

AWARENESS: "Why They're Dying in Congo" podcast

From Public Radio International, PRI: The Changing World is a series of radio documentaries that examines issues in-depth. "The Changing World is a special collaboration between the BBC World Service, Public Radio International, and PRI's The World."

The Changing World: Why They're Dying in Congo, Part 1
The civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo ended six years ago. But as many as 45,000 people continue to die there each month, largely from a lack of basic medical care. BBC World Affairs Correspondent Mark Doyle examines the current state of health care in Congo -- and comes face to face with personal tragedy.

The Changing World: Why They're Dying in Congo, Part 2

Congo's situation now makes it arguably the world's most deadly crisis since World War Two. Mark Doyle visits the General Hospital in Kinshasa, the capital. Several decades ago it was considered to be one of the best hospitals in Africa. Now, doctors there have trouble getting even basic supplies, such as bandages.


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