Tuesday, May 13, 2008

N.T. Wright, brilliant theologian, on "personal salvation" vs. "social justice" and "putting the world to rights."

Nicholas Thomas "Tom" Wright is the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England and a leading New Testament scholar.

He's also really really awesome. I'm trying to aim Jared asking him, how do I summarize him in one paragraph? But I can't. Wright has written over thirty books, both at the scholarly level and for a popular audience. He's a world renowned theologian. Etc etc.

And he has something to say about the supposed dichotomy between "personal salvation" and "social justice." Okay, yeah, I'm definitely personalizing this because it's something that urks me. But if you've got 45 minutes to kill (the last 15 minutes are question and answer) -- and all you gotta do is put this on your iPod and put it on while you drive -- please listen. I think God calls on us to do something about the injustice here on earth, and Wright says we "feel it in our bones to be true." Powerful stuff.

(It begins with an intro from the group Christian Aid, if you want to fast forward, it begins around 5:30)
Putting The World To Rights - March 2007, Christian Aid Act Justly Conference (to save, right-click and hit "Save As")


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Jared said...

I agree with N.T. Wright has to say. Not just about this, but everything else he says as well.